Below are links to product submittal information / cut sheets. They are in Adobe PDF Format. 

ADS Meter Pit

18"-24" Meter Pit

Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) HDPE Pipe

N-12  Soil Tight Pipe

N-12 Mega Green Soil Tight Pipe

Nyloplast Standard Drain Basin

StormTech SC-740 Chamber

StormTech SC-310 Chamber

A.Y. McDonald Municipal Brass Fittings, Valves, and Saddles

Corporation Stops (3/4"-1")

Curb Stops

Service Saddles

Service Fittings

Meter Setters


Meter Valves

Meter Box Frame & Cover

Curb Boxes

BWM Casing Spacers & End Seals

BWM Casing Spacers

Clearwater Manufacturing

Flange D.I. Pipe

Clow Valves & Hydrants

RW Gate Valves 2"-12"

RW Gate Valves 14"-24"

Medallion Fire Hydrant

Eccentric Plug Valve

Butterfly Valve 4"-24"

Butterfly Valve 30"-48"

Flap, Shear, & Mud Valves

Horizontal Swing Check Valves

ULFM Indicator Posts


Series 1100 MEGALUG Mechanical Joint Restraint for DIP

Series 2000PV MEGALUG Mechanical Joint Restraint for PVC

Series 1000 E-Z Flange D.I. Pipe Flange Adapter

Series 2100 MEGAFLANGE Restrained Flange Adapter

Flex-Tend Flexible Expansion Joints

EJ Iron

Manhole Castings, Access Covers, Frames, & Grates

Fernco Couplings

Flexible Couplings

Master Meter

3/4" - 1" Multi-Jet

2"-12" Octave Ultrasonic Meters

McWane Ductile Pipe

Tyton Joint Pipe

T.R. Flex Pipe

North American Pipe Company

PVC C-900

PVC C-905

PVC Sewer Pipe (SDR-35 / SDR-26)

North American Specialty Pipe

Yelomine Pipe

C900 RJ Certa-Lok Pipe

Northern Pipe

PVC IPS Pressure Pipe

PVC C-900/C-905


PVC Sewer Pipe

Pipelife - Jetstream PVC Pipe

PVC IPS Pressure Pipe

PVC C-900 Pipe

PVC Sewer Pipe

PVC DWV ipe (Sch 40)

Plastic Trends / Royal Building Products PVC Sewer Fittings

G Series Gasketed Sewer Fittings SDR-35

Heavy Wall Gasketed Sewer Fittings SDR-26

Solvent Weld Sewer Fittings SDR-35

D Series Sch 40 PVC Solvent Weld DWV Fittings

Pratt Butterfly Valves

Pratt Butterfly Valves

Romac Industries

SST Tapping Sleeves (D.I. Flange)

SS1 Stainless Steel Repair Clamps

501 Transition Couplings

XR501 Extended Range Transition Couplings

Macro HP Coupling

Tyler/Union Pressure Fittings

MJ Fittings

Flange Fittings


Eccentric Plug Valves

Wastewater Air Release Valves

Watts Regulator

Detector Check Valves (4"-6" Ames)

Detector Check Valves (8"-10" Watts)

Imported Valve, Curb, & Meter Boxes

562-S Valve Box (Sigma VB-262)